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I was recently looking through various blogs regarding the things I am interested in and one general fact struck me: none of them are written by me. What I mean by this is there are LOADS of blogs written by twenty/thirty-something girls/women (delete as applicable/desired) who love food, their homes, photography etc, but I didn’t come across too many food/lifestyle blogs written by a 31 year old man who likes playing video games, watching football and going to the pub (granted, I didn’t look all that hard). Now, I am definitely not saying the people who write these blogs don’t do these things and I’m CERTAINLY not saying it removes any meaning or importance from their blogs (quite the contrary). I’m just saying it may be refreshing to read from the point of view of a man who also loves cooking and gardening alongside the more stereotypically manly pursuits. That’s the plan anyway. It may just be rubbish.

I do need to stress here I am not a chef. I just like to cook and believe I am quite good at it. Equally, I am no gardener. I have a garden and want to make use of it, mainly to grow my own vegetables. In fact, I’m not really a professional anything. I will be someday though, so it’s ok for now. I also need to stress I am not a vegetarian. My lovely girlfriend is a very strict veggie and, as such, I only ever tend to cook meat free meals. I believe this makes me a better cook. It would be very easy to cook meat and 2 veg and then just replace the meat with a Quorn fillet or something similar. I try to avoid this wherever possible.



One Comment on “The Blog”

  1. veghotpot says:

    Loving the angle your coming from with the whole manly/ video games/ likes to cook/ partial to some gardening twist 🙂 looking forward to reading more recipes/ blog posts! x

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